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3D HERO System


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Reproducción de archivos 3D mediante la conexión de cámaras a un televisor

You cannot connect the cameras to your TV to play a 3D file.  You will not have a 3D file until you convert the two 2D files recorded by each camera into a single GoPro 3D media file.  So, you will not be able to playback in 3D directly off the camera.  You will need to use GoPro Studio in order to create a 3D file from the files you recorded using the 3D HERO System or Dual HERO System.  Once you have a converted file on your computer, you can playback on... Read More »

Modo al revés para la grabación en 3D

Upon insertion of the sync cable the cameras will automatically orientate depending on which side of the sync has been inserted. R will place the camera in Up mode, while L will place the camera in Upside-down mode.

Formato de archivo para las grabaciones en 3D

The cameras record .mp4 video files.  Pictures will be saved as .jpg files.  These are the same files that the camera will record in without the Dual HERO BacPac or 3D sync cable inserted. You can use one or both of the files depending on whether or not you wish to create 2D media or 3D media.

Nivel de resistencia al agua de los sistemas 3D HERO

The 3D HERO System is approved at the same underwater rating as the HD HERO waterproof housing, down to 197ft/60meters.

Compatibilidad del 3D HERO System

The 3D HERO System is currently compatible with HD HERO Original camera and the HD HERO2 camera.

Actualización de software requerida para utilizar el 3D HERO System

Using the GoPro 3D HERO System may require an update to your HD HERO Original and HD HERO2 cameras' software.

Distancia entre los objetivos del 3D HERO System

The distance between the two camera lenses when seated in the 3D HERO System is 33 mm.

Distancia adecuada para la grabación en 3D

For optimal 3D recording we recommend keeping your subject at least 3 feet from the camera when shooting in WVGA, 720p, and 720p, and 5 feet when shooting in 1080p.

Utilización del modo de un botón para la grabación en 3D

One Button Mode is not available for 3D recording. It will be removed from the settings upon insertion of the Dual HERO BacPac or 3D Sync Cable.

Grabación en dos resoluciones diferentes con el 3D HERO System

If your cameras are recording in two different resolutions while using the 3D HERO System, the cameras will record in sync, but you will not be able to combine them for 3D viewing. The files will only be good for 2D viewing.