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Introducción a la aplicación de GoPro

Follow these steps to start using the GoPro App with your HERO3+, HERO3, or your HD HERO2 camera + Wi-Fi BacPac for the first time: Get the latest software You can now update your HERO3+ Black Edition and HERO3+ Silver Edition camera software directly through the GoPro App.  Check out this article for more information:  How to Update Camera Software Wirelessly with the GoPro App. Make sure the software is up to date on the HERO3+ or HERO3 camera in the version.txt file (or the HD HERO2 camera, Wi-Fi BacPac, and Wi-Fi Remote... Read More »

Solución de problemas de conexión de la cámara desde la aplicación de GoPro

This article describes what to do if the Wi-Fi network cannot be found in the mobile device and what to do if you get the No Cameras Connected message in the App. Section 1: Wi-Fi Network Can't be Found in Phone/Tablet If the HERO3's Wi-Fi network can't be found in the phone/tablet's wireless settings menu, follow these steps: Turn off/on the phone/tablet's Wi-Fi. Power off/on the camera. Make sure the camera is in Phone/Tablet or GoPro App mode and that you see a Wi-Fi icon in the bottom-right corner of the... Read More »

¿Cómo veo mis fotos y vídeos GoPro en mi teléfono o tableta?

In order to play back videos or photos on your mobile device outside of the GoPro App, you must first download the files to your device via the GoPro App. There won't be anything in the GoPro Album on the phone unless you download the files with the GoPro App first. There is no automatic sync functionality.

¿Qué son los archivos con la extensión .thm y .lrv ?

Depending on what camera you are using, what software version you have installed, and what resolution you are recording video in, you may notice .thm and .lrv files stored on your camera after recording video. .thm files are Thumbnail video files which are used to display a thumbnail image of the video .lrv files are Low Resolution Video files. These will be created if: You have a HERO3+ Black or Silver Editions, HERO3: Black Edition camera or… You have a HD HERO2, HERO3: White Edition, or HERO3: Silver Edition camera and... Read More »

La vista previa no se llega a iniciar en la aplicación de GoPro

This article has 2 main sections.  (Part 1) what to do if you CAN control your camera with the GoPro App but do not see Preview, and (Part 2) what to do if you CANNOT control your camera with the GoPro App.   Part 1 If you CAN control your camera still, but the preview screen shows “Wi-Fi BacPac Not Connected” or "Starting Preview" and Preview never starts, then read here: Here’s what the issue could be: - You’re almost out of range. Camera preview will stop even though you’re still... Read More »

Resoluciones admitidas para la reproducción y la copia en la aplicación de GoPro

Not all devices support Copy and Playback in the same way. This article lays out the differences by device and capture mode. Capture Mode1iPhone 5siPhone 5c/5/4s & iPad 3/4/miniiPhone 4 & iPad 2Android 4.3 (Samsung S4)Windows 8 (Nokia 920) Copy/SharePlaybackCopy/Share/PlaybackCopy/Share/PlaybackCopy/SharePlaybackCopy/SharePlayback Photos Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1440p48fps No No No No Yes No Yes No 1440p30fps LRV Only Yes LRV Only LRV Only Yes Yes Yes Yes 1440p24fps LRV Only Yes LRV Only LRV Only Yes Yes Yes Yes 1080p60fps Yes Yes LRV Only LRV Only Yes Yes Yes Yes... Read More »

No es posible ver los archivos multimedia de la cámara en la aplicación de GoPro

You should be able to view the media on the SD card in your GoPro camera if you are connected to the camera via the GoPro App. If you are not able to view your media on the camera from the app, it may be due to an issue where you need to take a photo or a brief video before the media is properly displayed. First, make sure that you are going to the correct place to view the media. When your camera is connected to your phone or tablet,... Read More »

Cámara HD HERO2 + Wi-Fi BacPac™ + Wi-Fi Remote + Actualización de la aplicación GoPro

Software updates to your GoPro products are sent through GoPro’s CineForm Studio, an editing tool that makes it easy to create professional quality clips from your GoPro content. More Info:Update Instructions (pdf 178KB) »Update Tutorial Video » Step 01: Download + Open GoPro Studio 2.0 Download latest version of GoPro Studio here. If you already have GoPro Studio installed, no need to download. Simply open GoPro Studio and follow prompts to upgrade to version 1.2. After installing, open GoPro Studio. Then, please download & print step-by-step camera software update instructions here... Read More »


There are a few situations in which you will experience a Preview Not Supported or a Busy message in the GoPro App. Here is a list of some possible reasons: Camera preview is disabled once you start recording if Protune is turned ON in your HD HERO2 or HERO3 camera.  It is also disabled when you record in certain resolutions and when you are taking pictures.  See this article for information on what resolutions are supported for preview in the GoPro App. Once you stop recording or stop taking pictures, preview... Read More »

Autorización de álbum de fotos iOS para la aplicación de GoPro

On an iOS device, in order to use the new Copy and Share features you need to authorize the GoPro App to have access to your device's native photo album.  If you have not authorized the app you will get a message that states: "GoPro is not allowed to access your photos. This may be the result of your device's privacy settings" When you first launches the app you will be prompted to authorize the photo album access, you need to select OK to copy media from the GoPro device.  ... Read More »