Connecting a GoPro for Stories

What are you trying to do?

Connect your GoPro camera to create a Story.

Where does it apply?

  • GoPro App
  • Quik for mobile
  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices

How to do it

Stories works with HERO5 or newer cameras running version 2.5 firmware or newer. The app will tell you if you need a firmware update as soon as you connect your GoPro, and will guide you through the process (it generally takes just a few minutes).

HEADS UP: Your mobile device’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both need to be on for Stories to copy files from your GoPro.

For Android devices
In Auto mode, Stories will search for your camera, turn it on, connect using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and start copying files automatically. When Auto mode is off, Stories will only connect to your GoPro if you’ve indicated that you want to copy GoPro footage by tapping “Get It” from the notification that new footage has been found.

For iOS devices
Stories will search for your GoPro and and tell you if it finds new footage. If Stories has trouble connecting to your camera, you may need to manually connect to your GoPro’s Wi-Fi.
  1. Go to your phone or tablet’s Wi-Fi Settings and make sure Wi-Fi is on.
  2. Select your GoPro from the network list.
  3. Return to the GoPro app and pull down on the Home screen to try connecting again.
Additional support for troubleshooting camera connection issues:

More tips & troubleshooting

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