Mar 25, 2013

September 26, 2010 – Over the past couple of months we have noticed the GoPro HD HERO pop up in some videos, TV broadcast coverage and photos of our military troops in action. While jumping from a cliff or charging a 30 foot wave at Mavs is huge – these heros are out there every day in the most extreme conditions. We are stoked and honored that the GoPro HD HERO is out there with them and hope that it helps in some small way with their efforts. GoPro used during this segment on 60 Minutes about the conflict in Afghanistan “A Relentless Enemy”.

The GoPro HD HERO is shown here being used by an embedded photographer in Afghanistan, the image below is from the September, 25th edition of the Wall Street Journal and was also picked up by Gizmodo.

GoPro HD HERO is shown here being field tested by the Army National Guard Warrior Training Center Air Assault School at Camp Smith:

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